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Wired for War -- Closing Remarks

I'd like to extend our thanks to all those who participated in the Wired for War symposium -- for taking the time to read and consider Peter Singer's account of robotic technology in the battlespace and the potential consequences for warfare, the military, and, indeed, humanity as a whole.  The knowledge and expertise of our symposium participants made this conversation fascinating, as they considered the legal, cultural and societal ramifications about robotic warfare.  

For anyone interested, the symposium proceedings will remain a part of the archives here at the CTlab, on their own page, and the proceedings will be assembled into a single PDF file for ease of access and reference -- watch this space.

Finally, I would like to again thank Peter Singer for taking time out of his insanely busy schedule to contribute the opening remarks.  And Elizabeth Calamari, Senior Publicity Specialist at Penguin in New York was especially helpful.

This symposium is now closed, but we will welcome any further comments on Wired for War or any of the issues the book raised on the Review here at CTlab.

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