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I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but...

Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was in a car accident this morning that killed his wife of 31 years, Susan.  Tsvingirai himself has a few neck and head injuries, but is in stable condition in Harare, his spokesman says he is fine.  In May 2008, an assassination plot against Tsvangirai was uncovered.  It was not so much that there might be an assassination plot against him that raises suspicions so much as it was the comments of Zimbabwe's Minister of Public and Interactive Affairs, Chen Chimutengwende, who "accused Tsvangirai of 'trying to paint a false picture of what Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe authorities are like. There is no plot against him and there has never been any plot against him and he knows that.'  He called the reports from Tsvangirai's party 'an effort to get sympathy from the international community.'"  And what makes the news about this car crash so chilling is that Zimbabwe's state television network cancelled its first scheduled evening newscast without explanation, and then reported nothing about the accident in the second.  You would think that the state media would report on the prime minister being in a car accident that killed his wife. 

However, Tsvingirai himself seems to think it was just an accident.  Or at least that's what he's saying publicly.

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