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Parties interested in submitting content to or writing for the weblog of The Complex Terrain Laboratory should first read through the Guidelines pages. Send us a brief note about yourself and your interests. Submissions to the editor should be in .doc or .odt format. Embedded tables, video and graphics are also welcome. Copyright provisions apply.


Posting & Comments Guidelines

Anyone interested in submitting content to the weblog of The Complex Terrain Laboratory should first read through a selection of entries in the Archive to get a better feel for the kind of material we publish. Some additional rules:

  • Write for a broad but informed and intelligent readership. Use clear, accessible prose. Avoid academic jargon, unless you’re explaining it. Your tone should be informal, but not gutter. Avoid using foul language. Keep it thoughtful and crisp. Use contractions. Crunch your post titles into concise hooks. Use few words rather than many.
  • Write in your own voice - don’t just summarize. Entries should include your own comments or observations on the material you’re reviewing. Political leanings are fine. Polemics are not. No personal attacks. No libel. No slander. No plagiarism. Don’t just hyperlink your sources. Describe them, they’re part of the story.
  • The Editorial Team will work to ensure that your work gets exposure. The flip side of that compact is that you are responsible for what you write, so expect that someone at the receiving end of your review might call you on your views. Assume that your post will be read by staff at the New York Times, the BBC, Reuters, AFP, the International Crisis Group, Wired Magazine, etc. Assume that the author, creator, or publisher of the material you’re reviewing is going to read your write-up. Assume that they will be given the opportunity to comment - and may be given the last word.

We encourage dialogue and debate but commenting permissions are restricted to those who have first registered with the CTlab site. Comments are moderated. If you have something substantive to offer, please feel free to identify yourself and your affiliation, and to submit your responses or observations for consideration. Comments should be clear and coherent, and should stay on topic. Offensive material will not be accepted. Trolls will be rooted out and exposed.