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A New Korean War

Things like this usually lie outside our purview here at the CTlab, but since it's Sunday and all, I present this little nugget for your enjoyment.

The North Korean football team travelled south to Seoul on Wednesday to take on the South Koreans in a World Cup qualifying match.  North Korea has been surprisingly good in this qualification round, it currently sits 2nd in Group 2 of the Asian qualifying tournament, on 10 points, one point back of South Korea, though the South Koreans hold a match in hand.  The North Koreans rank 107th in the world, according to the FIFA rankings, sandwiched between El Salvador and Malawi.  South Korea, which co-hosted the 2002 World Cup, ranks 44th.  South Korea had a surprisingly difficult time with their northern neighbours, but prevailed 1-0.

But this is when things get interesting.  Yesterday, the North Koreans protested to FIFA that their side had been poisoned at its hotel in Seoul the night before the match.  Seriously, you can't make this up.  Amongst the highlights of the statement of protest: 

The match thus turned into a theatre of plot-breeding and swindling...It is as clear as noonday that it was a product of [South Korean President] Lee Myung-bak group's moves for confrontation with the DPRK [North Korea] and a deliberate behaviour bred by the unsavoury forces instigated by it...It can be said that it was beyond all doubt that the incident was a product of a deliberate act perpetrated by adulterated foodstuff as they could not get up all of a sudden just before the match...[North Korea demanded that FIFA] examine the whole process of the match and take appropriate measures.

The North Koreans also called on South Korea to own up to its nefariousness and demanded a full apology.  

No doubt this was to draw attention away from the rocket North Korea launched over Japan today.

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