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Provocation: Wiring Terrorist Sanctuaries

Andrew Exum published an interesting piece in The New Republic this week on the Obama Administration's new policy for Afghanistan and Pakistan. Taking the tack that it's actually a 'counter-haven' (quoting David Kilcullen) strategy, Exum waded into murky waters.... and the blogosphere went a wee bit nuts. As one of the few individuals in the English speaking world to publish anything contemporary that deals explicitly with the subject (with a substantial nod to Rex), I know I have a responsibility to speak up. I'm supposed to be writing something up for a certain high profile national security blog, but I think there's an angle here for symposium participants to pursue, particularly as regards precision strike in urban environments, implications for command and control, the techno-targeting that may or may not reduce collateral consequences, the easing of moral constraints, etc.: what does sanctuary mean when refuge is reduced from macro scales to personal space, and what are the implications of/for technologically enhanced countermeasures? How does Wired For War relate to the debate on safe havens, and more importantly, how can it  or should it influence the discussion?

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