CTLab is compartmented into three access levels

  • Level I       (Public Area)
  • Level II     (Member Area)
  • Level III    (Projects Area) 

Registering for an Account: Level I access is available to anyone who registers for a CTLab account HERE. This allows account-holders to access site features not ordinarily available to the public, including the Registration Module and some Level II (Member Area) elements.

Requesting Access: The Registration Module is viewable  from Level I (Public Area). It allows account-holders to request additional Level II (Member Area) or Level III (Projects Area) access.

Site functions do not currently support an integrated process for account and access requests.


Level I (Public Area) includes :

  • Partial access to Member Area features, including -
  • Datasets: external links to terrorism/political violence/conflict datasets
  • Databases: external links to terrorism/political violence/conflict databases
  • Organizations: external links to terrorism/political violence/conflict research organizations
  • NOTE: does not include access to Search functions of the Member Area


Level II (Member Area) includes several useful site features:

  • Public Area: this is built into Level II access 
  • Blogging: permissions to post entries directly to the CTLab Journal
  • Search Function: requires little explanation - this allows Members to search the CTLab site.


Level III (Projects Area) includes the following:

  • Member Area: this is built into Level III access
  • Vault: downloadable source materials, bibliographies, reports, slideshows, PowerPoint briefings, etc.
  • Upload Capability: allows those with Level II access to upload documents to the site.
  • Projects Registry: is a referenceable registry of members, projects, and contact details.
  • Collaborative Workspace: for edited books, distributed  research teams, dataset hosting, etc. (under development)