About CTlab's virtual symposia: CTlab symposia enable informed discussion regardless of the physical location and distribution of participants. They can be conducted ad hoc, in response to emerging and topical issues, or on any number of planned topics. Proceedings remain available for public viewing via this web page, and are also compiled, for ease of reading and distribution,  into a single PDF document. If you have an idea for a symposium that's consistent with CTlab interests, drop us a line so we can discuss it.

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Closing Remarks

I would like to thank all the symposium participants for their insightful and challenging contributions as well as for taking the time off their no doubt busy schedules to engage with my work. It has been a very rewarding experience for me, throwing up many new possible lines of enquiry and forcing me to re-examine and explicate many of my claims and the assumptions underpinning them. I hope I’ll have the opportunity to meet some of you in person in the future and perhaps continue some of the discussions we have begun here. I am also grateful to all at CTlab, and particularly Mike Innes, for making this event possible. This type of virtual space for debate and exchange seems to me to offer great promise in harnessing new technologies for the production, critical examination and dissemination of ideas we are all engaged in.

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